Parrot Path

Transport yourself to a tropical rain forest. An opportunity to meet and interact with some of the most exotic and beautiful parrots you will ever see, such as macaws, cockatoos and Amazons, Not forgetting our rare Hyacinth macaws and Red-tailed black cockatoos. our colourful feathery friends love to be the centre of attention especially if you have their favourite treats.

The Gift Shop

Before you say goodbye, check out our gift shop! Whether you're looking for a parrot themed present or a souvenir to remember us by. we have a whole range of gifts from pocket money toys for the kiddies to more expensive gifts for the grown-ups, go on treat yourself.

The Walk-Through Aviary

Come and explore our walk thorough aviary! With birds from around the world, there's lots to see. A peaceful spot to sit and enjoy the variety of birds. A Pot of meal worms may help gain their attention.

The Chick Room

What's Hatching! Get a great view of our newly born chicks, you may be lucky enough to watch as a young chick breaks out of its egg! Although the chick room is not open to members of the public for safety reasons, chicks can be viewed at close range through the large windows.

The Play Area

Situated next to the real macaw restaurant and the pienic area you will find our play area. This has proven to be a big hit with the children and adults alike. Why not Sit back and relax with a cuppa and maybe a bite to eat whilst your little monkeys blow off steam!

The Woodland Walk

Why not venture 'off road' into our beautiful natural woodland? All kinds of native wildlife, trees and shrubs can be seen here. Woodpeckers, kingfishers, jays and squirrels are just a few of the animal species you may come across in this natural green habitat.


The Military Outpost

Keep a lookout for our military outpost. Military macaws are listed vulnerable in the wild, but they are a common sight here at Tropical Birdland due to our successful breeding program. Did you Know that military macaws get their name due to their green plumage resembling a military uniform.

The Flamingos

Our fabulous flock of flamingos are hard to miss. Our undercover picnic area overlooks these Chilean majestic birds. The perfect spot to rest and have your picnic.

Alexandrine Parakeets

Meet our friendly flock of Alexandrine parakeets one of Asia's largest parrots. You may find one lands on your shoulder for a treat or just to say hello. But be warned These mischievous little characters like to steel earrings and other personal belongings.

The Budgies

Look out for our Budgie and cockatiel aviary. These friendly Australian parrots are amongst the most common pet birds in the uk. With some patience, and some millet spray, you may find yourself smothered in these delightful little creatures.