Walkthrough Aviary

Envelope yourself in a garden with a near on idyllic setting. Our largest aviary houses fish, ducks and exotic birds in a landscape graced with beautiful plants, natural shrubbery and a small reservoir fashioned from our stream. It’s a bird lover’s paradise.

Parrot Path

No roof, no cage, no restrictions. Be awed by an interactive experience you will never forget. As you feed, hold and play with some of the most captivating birds in the world, you’ll make friends with our most famous residents who will delight you with such charm you won’t want to leave.

Picnic & Play area

Release the kids on to our purpose-built play area while you unwind with a brew from our café situated next door. With gravity defying swings, sweeping slides and climbing challenges, we’ve caught more than one or two adults that simply couldn’t resist!

More Things to do!

In recent years Tropical Birdland has become a sanctuary for unwanted and mistreated pet parrots, often these can be plucked and it can take a lot of time and effort to nurse them back to emotional and physical health. Sadly in some cases despite continued care their feathers will never return. Your support will enable us to continue to create the best possible environment for the birds that are here and to enrich their lives in a more natural way.

Sponsorship Programme

Tropical Birdland

About Us

Nestled on the northern outskirts of Desford village in Leicestershire, Tropical Birdland is a 6.5-acre sanctuary for Parrots and exotic birds. Housing over 250 feathery residents, every square inch has been devoted to giving a home to some of the most alluring and captivating species from around the world.

We opened our doors in 1984 when our curator was a just fresh faced teenager, but over 30 years’ experience has transformed what was once a glorified field into a paradise for nature lovers. As you tour the garden grounds you’ll encounter aviaries with curious inhabitants, open enclosures where the birds roam free, and walk-in aviaries that allow you to experience these wonderful creatures in their most natural element.

And that’s not all. Marvel at the newly born chicks from our hatchery, from featherless alien-like infants, to looking like they’ve had a session in acupuncture as their feathers come through, you’ll get to see all stages of a chicks’ life as they grow up. If luck is on your side, you may even get to see a young fledgling breaking out of its egg for the first time.

To top it all off we also have a woodland walk, one of the perks of being set in the countryside. The café will have the fire on and be waiting to serve you lunch with a hot cuppa and our adventurous play area will keep the kids energy burning even when yours has fizzled out. Our centrepiece is what we call the Parrot Path. A small courtyard where the birds roam, climb and fly free without any limits or inhibitions. Enjoy an interactive, hands on experience like you’ve never had before as you get to meet and make friends with the stars of our park. These once ex-pets will leave you with a new appreciation for the Parrot family.

And you will leave having no doubt that you’ve just discovered one of the hidden gems of the UK’s animal havens.