A free treat bag each visit. Name on an aviary of your choice. Unlimited access to the park all year round. The benefits alone are convincing enough reasons to become a sponsor, but your support has a far deeper meaning to all of the residents here at Tropical Birdland.

Over the years, we have become a sanctuary for unwanted and re-homed pet Parrots. These birds come to us in all sorts of conditions, from all sorts of backgrounds. Some are underweight like Bobo the Green-Wing Macaw, some have lasting injuries like Nelson the Blue-Crown Conure and others have been neglected basic nutrition. There are physical signs that a bird hasn’t had the best start in life that are on display for all to see, such as a feather plucking habit which is provoked through stress and often leaves the bird with bald areas like the chest.

Our goal is to provide care, rehabilitation and ultimately a ‘forever home’ for these birds where they can enjoy life with the freedom and contentment that was originally intended for them. None of this would be possible without your help through sponsorship. Your donations each month will go towards the upkeep of aviaries and living quarters ensuring the birds have a safe, clean and hygienic place to live. It will help us buy in the ingredients for their rich diet from organic sources so they can enjoy only the freshest tastes of nature. It will help us buy medicines for birds which fall ill, formula for the new born chicks and materials we need to create new nest boxes for our aviary birds after they have chewed their old one to a wooden ruin.

Most importantly, it will help us to continue providing this care through the difficult winter months when the number of visitors decreases, but the challenges of the climate mean we need to work harder than ever to keep our birds safe. If you are a fan of what we do, have fallen in love with our extraordinary birds and want to help out in your own way, then we can ask nothing more of you than to become a sponsor.

Get your name printed on the plaque of your favourite aviary displaying your support for that species, or sponsor your favourite personality on the parrot path where you will be able to visit your new best friend as often as you like. We encourage you to come and see the results your donations are helping us to achieve on a regular basis. Parrot ownership can be hard, so what better alternative than to let us tackle the hard bit while you give the birds the attention and love they so desperately crave.

Become a Tropical Birdland sponsor and help us ensure the skies of Desford are forever awash with the colours of the rainbow.

Thank you.

The Tropical Birdland Team.