Where Should I Keep My Parrot?

Before you purchase your pet parrot, careful consideration should be made as to where and how you are going to keep it. One of the first things to realise is that just about all parrots are noisy even when hand reared and they will not be quiet when you ask or tell them to be.

Spare Room or Conservatory – Parrots can be noisy and may require time away from you so it is ideal to place their cage in either one of these. 

Living Room – Although not advisable to house your parrot in this room, it is a good place to have a parrot stand or play centre so they can spend some time with you.

Outside – A baby parrot will soon learn to enjoy the wind, rain and sunshine so a small aviary or cage placed outside that you can place your parrot in would be advantageous. Parrots require Vitamin B3 for a healthy body and skin so being outside will help them obtain this.

Kitchen – Parrots can breathe in toxic fumes from cooking, especially when using Teflon coated pans or Olive Oil. Both give off a fume which can lead to breathing abnormalities and death in Parrots.

Hallways – Drafts from doors opening and closing are not good for a Parrots health, leading to chills and sometimes death.