Keeping Parrots As Pets

At Tropical Birdland we are strongly against the mass importation of parrots into captivity, especially when they are sold as pets. The perfect pet parrot is one that has been bred in captivity, hand reared by knowledgeable breeders and kept in a caring environment. A hand reared parrot looks upon humans as their companions and therefore enjoys being with them. Where as an imported parrot only fears humans and is more than likely destined to a life behind bars. We have provided some guidelines below to help you if you are thinking about purchasing a parrot. These have been written by Richard Hopper, owner of Tropical Birdland, who has been keeping parrots since 1978. He started Birdland in 1982 and has spent most of his time studying parrots both in captivity and in the wild.

Parrot Behavior                              

Parrots are highly intelligent and must never be underestimated.

You (the owner)must always have control otherwise your pet parrot will control you.

Where Should I Keep My Pet Parrot?

Before you purchase your pet parrot, careful consideration should be made as to where and how you are going to keep it. One of the first things to realize is that just about all parrots are noisy even when hand reared and they will not be quiet when you ask or tell them to be.

What Sort of Diet Does My Parrot Need?

Parrots are no different to any other creature and for them to thrive, they need to eat a good, healthy, yet varied diet.

Does My Parrot Require A Daily Routine?

Routine is very important for your parrots mental health and happiness.

It should be started from the day it arrives and within reason adhered to as much as possible