Parrot Behavior

Parrots are highly intelligent and must never be underestimated. You (the owner) must always have control otherwise your pet parrot will control you!

When you first purchase your hand reared baby parrot you will undoubtedly think how cute and cuddly it is. But what you must remember is that for the first six months it is a baby, then it becomes a mischievous juvenile interested in everything. After that, at the age of three to four years it becomes an adult parrot.

Letting your parrot have everything it wants, when it wants, will just create a very unhealthy "Spoilt Brat". Remember, most parrots will outlive their owner's which means that a vast majority of owners will not have the patience to cope with their pet!

These guidelines are to help prevent owners from making mistakes in the beginning, which they will only begin to see when it is too late. (After all who wants a so called pet left in a cage locked away in garage because all it does is screech, bite and make a mess?!)

One important thing to remember is that parrots are not domesticated pets; they are wild animals of which relatively little is known about them. They have been designed by Mother Nature to live in jungles foraging for food, struggling to exist on a day to day basis. Not necessarily having it all handed to them on a plate.

However, Parrots are truly amazing creatures and when in the proper environment can make an excellent friend and a truly loving pet in any caring household.