Surplus Parrot Stock Application Form

Welcome to the Surplus stock Application form
Please read through our terms and conditions carefully before continuing:  

This Application form is for our surplus parrot stock where you request a species for purchase

How we use your data:  

Once your application has been received we will hold your data until the 31st of December the same year, after this your information will be removed. If your application is accepted we will hold onto your data for a further year after the application, after this time it will be deleted.

Application Process: 

We strongly advise you research the relevant species you are looking for and know the needs of your parrot before purchasing one.
Parrots are known to be one of the hardest animals to keep. Parrots are known to be extremely loud, destructive and messy. Most tend to bond with a single person causing them to dislike other members of the family. The average life span of an African grey is 50 years! Make sure you think and do your research before buying one. 

Tropical Birdland does not allow the purchasing of our surplus stock for resale at a higher price / for profit. We do our best to ensure that our parrots will go to the best suited homes and the welfare of these birds is of key importance to us. 

Submitting your application 
Once you have completed your application it will be submitted to Tropical Birdland. Our keepers will assess each application and if your application is accepted then the following terms will apply:

1. If successful you will be telephoned by a keeper to discuss the next steps.

2. The Full balance for the bird will be required on collection of the bird. Tropical Birdland staff will contact you to let you know when this will be.

3. Tropical Birdland advise potential new owners to ensure they purchase or obtain a cat carrier for collection of your bird, this will come in use if you ever need to transport your bird in the future.

4. Purchasing a bird from Tropical Birdland does not entitle you to free admission.

5. Tropical Birdland will NOT update new owners on the progress of their application through social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) 

6. Tropical Birdland cannot guarantee the sex of the parrots and this should be taken into account before completing the application process.

7. The balance for your bird is required in CASH. Tropical Birdland does not accept installment payments. 

Once your application form has been sent you will receive an email confirmation that we have received your application. After this you will be contract once the species you have selected is available.


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